Having a Birthday during this Lockdown period is something many of us are facing.

If you are lucky enough not to, it’s almost guaranteed you will know someone who has. Therefore sending or receiving the perfect Lockdown card is vital. For many people choosing a card is relatively simple, writing something inside is much harder.

Only you will know the personality of the recipient, so here are a couple of ideas to help.

Something Witty?

Laughter is crucial during Lockdown, a good belly laugh relieves physical tension and stress, two things many are currently facing.

Buying a funny card is easy, but then you have to think of something amusing to write inside.

You could say something rude or close to the edge about them such as

Happy Birthday – Thank God we are on Lockdown or I would have to actually see you!

Or something deprecating about yourself 

Sending massive Virtual Hugs and Kisses during Lockdown is much easier for me as I have never been into Physical signs of affection!

Something Loving and Kind?

This is probably easier as it comes from the heart. Letting someone know how much you are missing them is ok, so long as you also tell them how much you want to see them when this is over. Remind them that you will get together to celebrate once its all over.

Don’t worry that your Birthday is during Lockdown, we can make up for it with a BIG party once this is over

And, of course you could arrange a Zoom party and invite them to join in the card. You can be fairly sure that they won’t have anything else on that day!


Looking For Something Truly Unique?

Something with a Memento


While what is written inside the card is really important and will be the part that comes from your heart, these Placards include a keepsake. Featuring a Mini metal sign which can be hung as a lasting reminder of your sentiments. If you are having difficulty articulating your feelings, then this might be a great solution.


If you are still having trouble thinking of the right thing to say then our personalised card may be just the thing. These just require a simple message inside as the outside says it all!

I think the most important thing to remember is to keep the message light, fun and from the heart, after all it is the thought that counts!

Lots of Love and Kisses xxxx