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Yankee Candles
Woodwick Square

Traditional Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles are instantly recognisable. With their curved glass design and wide selection of interesting scents, these make an amazing addition to any home.

How it all Began

In 1968 Mike Ketteridge a 16-year-old student was looking for gift inspiration with Christmas just around the corner. He decided to make a candle for his Mum because it would be a completely unique and personal gift.

Using everyday materials he found in the kitchen: household wax, a red crayon, string and a milk carton, he produced his very first candle.

A neighbour saw the candle and offered to buy it, leaving the student with enough money to buy more materials to create more – one to gift and one to sell! That was the start of the Yankee Candle® journey…

From this point Yankee Candle® has grown in to a worldwide brand, expanding in to Europe…

Yankee Candles are now the number one Candle brand in the UK.


Yankee Candles

More About Yankee Candles

These candles are made from a high quality paraffin wax, which, as it burns, allows an enveloping bouquet to be released into your room.

The glass jar is recyclable, either as a useful storage jar in your home, or in conjunction with your local authority recycling procedures.

Yankee Candle Scent of the Month

If you have never experienced Yankee Candles, then the Scent of the Month is a fantastic place to start.

With 25% off , these chosen scents are always tried, tested and popular, and with new ones each month, you have plenty of choice.

The Yankee Candle Scent of the Month choice is fantastic as a gift, or just to change up the aroma in your home each month!

Elevation Candles

The beautiful New Elevation Candles are the same quality fragrances, but with a Soy Wax base. These are ideal for refreshing your home.

These candles are a modern square shape with the clever lid acting as a platform on which to place the candle.

The multi wick design allows for an even burn allowing the fragrance to release more quickly.

The label is beautifully designed, and also easy peel for a cleaner overall look.