How Long Should my Home Fragrance Last?

One of the questions we are frequently asked is how long should  my home fragrance last?

Here is my handy guide

Lets start with the massively popular Woodwick Candles

Woodwick Scent of the Month

These candles are made using a natural soy wax, and come in a wide variety of evocative fragrances that can be used independently or paired to create a unique home fragrance.

Large Jar Candle – lasts for approximately 130 hours (and it looks and sounds amazing for all that time!)

Medium Jar Candle  – This will fragrance for approximately 60 hours. This is a great option for the pairing of 2 fragrances as they are a great size and release a divine amount of scent

Hearthwick Candle – This has a longer wick so lasts for around 50 hours. The mesmerizing flame on this candle heats the wax, releasing the scent quickly and constantly.

Ellipse White Teak

Mini Jar Candle – This has an approximate 20 hour fragrancing time, and makes a brilliant and attractive gift. If you like to change up your home fragrance on a regular basis then this is the ideal size for you.

Yankee Candles

These also come in a variety of sizes and again the fragrance is distributed throughout the wax, so the candle will perfume the air from beginning to end of the burn time.

A Large Jar Candle will burn for a massive 110 – 150 hours. Offering stunning fragrance over a long period of time

Medium Jar Candle – This has a scenting time of 65-75 hours, giving a long lasting scent

Small Jar Candle. As this candle lasts for 20-30 hours it’s a great choice as a gift or to trial a fragrance. If you love it then next time buy it in the Medium, or the Large!

Yankee also offer the Scented Tea Lights which produce aroma for around 6 hours. These attractive candles come in a box of 12, so they can be scattered around to completely envelop yourself in the fragrance.

Yankee Elevation Candles

These square candles look elegant and also have a fantastic burn time

The Large Elevation Candle – Will last for 65 – 80 hours, and look great at the same time!

Medium Elevation Candle – This one has a fragrance time of 28-38 hours with 3 delightful flickering wicks

Small Elevation Candle  – will issue aroma over a period of 18-28 hours

These candles have a natural base and are made using pure extracts, giving a complex and attractive scent from the first time to the last time!

Purcell and Woodcock and Lumiere

Candles – These 250g Soy Wax candles are designed to last for around 45 to 60 hours. Each scent is chosen to evoke lively and effervescent scents to welcome you into your home.

Diffusers-  These diffusers will subtly fragrance your home for 12 to 14 weeks.

Naturally European

Candles – These are designed to last 40+ hours. The heavenly scent will fill your room in minutes and linger even after the candle is blown out.

Diffuser – These Natural based diffusers will give several months of delightful aroma – just remember to turn the reeds regularly!

How to look after your Home fragrances

Every product we sell is designed to last, however this is only if they are properly looked after. Don’t forget to burn the candle until the whole surface wax is melted. Best practice is to burn for no more than 4 hours at a time, allow the wax to completely cool before relighting, and trim your Wicks!

Turn your diffuser reeds regularly to scent your room. If using a refill change your reeds too for the best aroma.

And don’t forget all Woodwick Candles and Diffusers come with removable labels to enhance their look too!