The Bamboo Sock Revolution

It’s Summer 2021 and the bamboo sock revolution is upon us. Sock makers from all over the world are turning away from the traditional cotton/polyester blends of old, rebelling against the norm and moving toward the new age of Bamboo footwear. 

Okay, okay. I know this is all a little “extra” for a socks blog. Surely no one can be this excited about bamboo socks? But I assure you that these five minutes spent reading about the Bamboo fabric movement may not rock -your- world, but it will help change -our- world for the better in its own way. Don’t believe me? Read on.


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– Miss Sparrow

Growing Bamboo 

From its very early life, bamboo is somewhat of a law unto itself. Able to survive and grow in a vast array of conditions, even going without fertilizer altogether! But what makes this even more impressive is that even when deprived of most resources, Bamboo can and will grow up to 47” per day every day once it has reached maturity. Sustaining itself by taking nutrients from its very own fallen leaves.

This means that the plant can be harvested and regrown in such short spaces of time that there is minimal impact on the environment in terms of deforestation due to industry. Hardwood trees that often take decades to grow if not longer are protected due to viable, sustainable and affordable bamboo alternatives being made available.


But Thats Not All… 

Bamboo isn’t vulnerable to pests the way general crops and plants are, meaning that there is no need to release harmful pesticides into the environment. Couple this with the fact that Bamboo contains its own anti-bacterial bio-agent called Bamboo Kun and thus eradicates around 70% of bacteria that comes into contact with it and you’ll see just how incredible this plant really is.


A Breath of Fresh Air

Fun fact? Bamboo absorbs Carbon Dioxide just as trees do, but returns a massive 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere when compared “pound for pound” with hardwood trees. This kind of return while soaking up greenhouse gasses from our environment is, to put it bluntly, absolutely astounding.

Okay… but what about the socks?!

Good question. Well, it turns out that bamboo fiber is not only softer than cotton, but breathable, hypoallergenic and up to three times more absorbent than cottons or wools. 


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Bamboo: When it comes to socks, what more could you want?

The fabric made from the bamboo plant lends itself perfectly to garments made to sit tight or close to the skin. It allows for flexibility in movement, wicks moisture away from the skin and allows for airflow. All the while it acts as a thermal barrier, keeping your skin cool when it’s warm and holding warmth in cold weather. Bamboo socks are the gift that keeps on giving, environmentally and personally. From keeping your feet fresh and healthy to contributing to the upkeep and care of our planet there’s very little argument left for their cotton blend predecessors.

Camper Van Socks 
– Mr Heron

Fashion Forward

2021 has brought around a whole new era of fashion trends, from neon and enamel jewellery to pastel clothing we’re seeing nothing but fun on the catwalks coming out of lockdown. And a big part of this has been the inclusion of bright, funky socks and small character accessories. It’s taken less than no time for trendy boutiques and small businesses to catch up and bring these fabulously fun trends to the high street in time for the sunshine season. 

At Surrey Home and Gifts we are already prepared to present a whole new range of eco friendly gifts and homewares to our customers. Each gorgeous item has been carefully hand picked, tried and tested by our own in-house staff. We’re truly excited to begin unveiling each and every product line in this range. But more so than any other, Bamboo socks are the firm favourite for all.

Did this blog change your life?

No of course it didn’t. But it is our hope that it will change the contents of your sock drawer. And hopefully awareness on the benefits of shopping bamboo alternatives. After all, looking after the planet is looking after those you love. 

Until next time Bloggers


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