Eco-Friendly Range

Before diving into this blog post, I would like to share with you a little information I read earlier today that has stuck with me and set me at unease. 

In the 65 years from 1950-2015, worldwide plastic production accelerated from an already concerning 2 million metric tonnes per year to an incredible 419 million. As a result an average of 11 million tonnes of plastic has been discarded into our oceans on a yearly basis ever since. At this trajectory it is estimated that by 2040, only 19 years from now, that number will be much closer to the 29 million mark globally.

At Surrey Home and Gifts

We understand that we cannot save the world, but that it takes every individual, every business, every corporation to stand up and take responsibility for the impact our industries and lifestyles have on the environment. After all, there is only one planet in the known universe that we are able to call home, and if we don’t look after it we cannot simply exchange for a replacement.

Which is why, since coming out of lockdown we have been tirelessly working together to build an EMS for our company that allows us to bring the same outstanding quality of products and services to our customers, while committing to our part in saving this beautiful planet. Focusing particularly on topics such as ethical practices, biodegradable packaging, sustainable materials and continuing to double down on our stance of cruelty free products no matter the cost.

It all began with the water bottle… 

A simple idea that makes a huge difference as disposable plastic bottles make up such a large percentage of ocean bound waste. 

Teaming up with one of our all-star suppliers, Morning Cuppa, the design teams put together a fantastic range of double insulated aluminium bottles in a range of vibrant colours and designs, and even personalisation options for that extra added flair. The primary focus was to provide lasting alternatives to single use plastic containers, thus reducing our contribution to landfill and plastic waste in our oceans.

Multicolour Dacshund

Personalised Pink

Freya Swan

Chasing Rainbows

Queen Bee 

But it didn’t stop there…

We began to reassess how our own manufactured products were made and where the materials were sourced. Paying particular attention at first to the woods used to create our fabulous, newly launched range of solid oak “Reserved For” coasters and gift sets. We are proud to announce that these coasters are indeed made from 100% real wood. 

However, each and every one is made from the offcuts from large construction and building materials, not only ensuring sustainability but also minimising our contribution to the demand for fresh cut and harvested wood.

Not to mention that for the extra special touch we have begun to rework our packaging solutions, beginning with 100% recycled and biodegradable Kraft Paper gift boxes for all our in house gift sets.

Reserved for:

Reserved for Mums Drink Solid Oak Coaster

Oak Coaster

Reserved for: 

In the time since…

We have reached out to our existing suppliers to push further when it comes to ethical and sustainable products and packaging; and welcomed in a fresh array of environmentally conscious, vegan and cruelty-free alternatives to traditional gifting solutions. So much so that we are incredibly proud to present the beginnings of our Eco-Friendly SHG range and well in advance of Christmas too!

So if you are looking to join us on his crusade be a part of saving the planet and spread the word of our ECO friendly alternatives to your family and friends. Surrey Home and Gifts suggests checking out some of our top picks for every day alternatives to plastic items.

Bath Blasters
(They’re the

Bamboo Socks
by Miss Sparrow
& Mr Heron

Eco Alternatives
Health & 

Cups – 

Eco Chic

These gifts will not save the planet on their own, but with every person converted to a bottle-for-life, or cruelty free and vegan alternative to their body care collection you may save the life of any one of the 700 species of animal in immediate danger of extinction.

And we think that is the best gift anyone could receive. 

Until next time Bloggers, stay safe.


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