Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle – Vanilla French Toast


Vanilla French Toast

Scents of golden brown French toast dripping with sugary syrup. One for those with a sweet tooth

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Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle – Vanilla French Toast

Vanilla French Toast combines the scents of golden brown French toast with lashings of sugary syrup. Definitely one for those with a sweet tooth who will love this intoxicating fragrance.

The Iconic Glass Jar comes with a handy lid and can be cleaned out once the candle is finished and kept as handy storage, or recycled with other glass.

The Yankee Candle Story

Back in 1969 Mark Kittredge wanted to get his mother a Christmas present. Too poor to afford a gift he created a candle using wax crayons and a preserves jar. His neighbour liked it so much she bought it, which gave Mark enough money to buy supplies for 2 more candles, one for his Mum and one to sell. So Yankee Candles was born. From the kitchen table to one of the most popular Candle brands in the world, Yankee boasts over 150 unique scents. This Vanilla French Toast Large Jar Candle is one of these.

Care for your Yankee Large Jar Candle – Vanilla French Toast.

  • Light the wick carefully

  • Allow the Wax to pool. Ensure the wax melts across the entire surface of the candle before extinguishing it. This discourages tunnelling and ensures that you get the best use from your Medium Candle.

  • Keep your Large Jar Candle  away from drafts and on a flat heat proof surface.

  • Keep it within sight and away from any drafts. Remember it is an open flame, so needs to be kept away from flammable items, children, pets and other heat sources.

  • Please do not move the candle whilst its burning or when the wax is still hot

  • The Yankee Large Jar Candle Vanilla French Toast will burn for 110-150 hours

  • The Candle is finished when there is 1cm of wax left

  • Extinguish the flame – dowse it carefully to prevent smoking and wax splatter.

  • Trim the Wick to approximately 3 mm prior to each burn. This helps to ensure a clean burn.

Following this handy guide will mean that your Yankee Medium Jar Candle Vanilla French Toast will scent you home safely!

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