Tea Pouch With Face Mask


Includes Face Mask

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Tea Pattern Pouch With Face Mask

Tea Pattern Pouch With Face Mask is a textile zip up storage for your face mask. No need to worry about losing your mask or keeping it in your pocket. This Attractive Face Mask comes with a Pouch to keep it clean and ready for use. The Pouch has a keyring allowing it to be easily attached to keys, a belt buckle or a loop inside a handbag. This handy pouch is the perfect size for one of our Face Masks. With a complementary design the pouch will keep your face mask clean until you want to use it. All our products are sourced and produced in the UK. We design and print all our products in house so that you get the quality you deserve. If you wish to apply for a trade account please contact us to arrange for pack prices and reduced unit costs.

Our Goals

All our products are tested and checked to offer a high level of customer service and high quality product. Although Tea Pattern Pouch With Face Mask is a gift that keeps on giving, we ensure that we are providing a product that continues to maintain less waste with continued use within a persons life. Our goal is make sure that all our gifts are forever gifts in spite of that we use higher quality products.


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