Stop Use Hand Sanitiser Before Entering A5 Aluminium


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Stop Use Hand Sanitiser Before Entering Aluminium Plaque

We have made a range of health and safety plaques that are pushed towards the current climate of the country. The designs are made to cover the new guidelines and provide communication to customers and staff. Stop Use Hand Sanitiser Before Entering Aluminium Plaque A5 Plaque ranges are at a size where they are the show piece of the room. The plaque dimensions are 14.8cm x 21cm, big enough for people to see as they walk in to the room, great for jokes and room names. We have a large selection of unique plaque designs with multiple sizes made from aluminium and printed with permanent inks. Our plaques are cut in house, rounded on the corners and hole punched to allow for the twine for hanging. All our products are sourced and produced in the UK and we design and print all our products in house so that you get the quality you deserve. Make sure to drop us a message on any of our social media platforms. Let us know how our products are brightening your life.

Our Goals

Our products are tested and checked to offer a high level of customer service and high quality product. Although The Stop Use Hand Sanitiser Before Entering Aluminium Plaque is a gift that keeps on giving, Also we ensure that we are providing a product that continues to maintain less waste with continued use within a persons life. Our goal is make sure that all our gifts are forever gifts in spite of that we use higher quality products.

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