French Bulldog Pattern Face Mask With 2 Filters


The great thing about this mask is that it can be reused so no need to pollute the world with disposables.

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French Bulldog Pattern Face Mask With Two Filters

Do you have a French Bulldog? This adorable Face Mask with Filters means you can carry a reminder of them wherever you go. As with all of our masks this one is soft, comfortable and reusable – but not until it has been washed!

How to Care for your Morning Cuppa Face Mask with Filter.

Face Masks should be removed carefully. Sanitise or wash your hands prior to removing your Mask. Take hold of the bands to remove the Mask, then fold the outside in, remove the Filter and put the Mask into the wash. Face Masks should be washed after every use. They can be washed as normal with other poly cotton items through your washing machine. However, as you are putting this next to your face, we would recommend the use of a gentle detergent. If you wish to wash the Mask by hand then this can be done by gently agitating the mask in hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Allow your mask to dry – if using a tumble dryer then this should be on a low heat. Then store your Mask in a clean place ready for your next outing. Do Not wash your Mask with the Filter left in. We have a large selection of unique face mask designs made from a poly-cotton mix and printed with permanent inks, all with a bit more personality. Who wants a basic bland mask if you have to wear it constantly. Brighten your day. All our products are sourced and produced in the UK. We design and print all our products in house so that you get the quality you deserve. Safe and sound. Make sure to drop us a message on any of our social media platforms let us know how our products are brightening your life.


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