Drink Piss – Custom Name Mug


!!!Personalisation Alert!!! This amusing mug has a space for your name, or the name of a loved one. Hopefully you (or they) will never have to drink your own piss though!

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Drink Piss – Custom Name Mug

This craic of a mug is a great gut buster gift, perfect for gifting to a friend or loved one who appreciates a very raw, visceral type of humour. (That or a die hard Bear Grylls fan). Make sure they wake up to their morning cuppa each morning with this reminder of such a delightful sentiment.

Gift to your Gran on her Birthday, or maybe your new boss as a way of making a good first impression! What could go wrong…

Keep Calm and Drink Piss Personalised Mug Product Information

Keep Calm
<Custom Name>
And Drink Your Own Piss

These mugs are 100% quality ceramic with dye sub text and graphics.

Caring for your Personalised Mug

Dishwasher safe.
To hand wash use hot, soapy water and allow to drain dry.

Morning Cuppa

Morning Cuppa wants to provide a service to the market of gift and greeting with personalised, rude, humorous and clever content. We pride ourselves on our attention to sustainability and customisation, and continuously seek processes and suppliers that align with our values. Morning Cuppa aims to keep designs unique and our customers laughing.

Undoubtedly, Morning Cuppa is one of Surrey Home and Gifts favourite manufacturers. Every one of their designs is 100% home grown and designed with the individual in mind. It takes more than a little customisation to make a gift truly unique and from the heart. At Surrey Home and Gifts we believe this is exactly what Morning Cuppa has achieved.


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