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Miss Sparrow Bamboo Damson Fox socks are the perfect bright, fun clothing accessory to compliment any outfit this season. Shop now and find your favourite!

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Miss Sparrow – Damson Fox Bamboo Socks

Miss Sparrow Bamboo Damson Fox socks are the perfect fun and unique clothing accessory to compliment any outfit this season.

These beautifully chic, super soft cotton socks offer luxury comfort while remaining super comfy and breathable in all weather conditions. Crafted from bamboo Miss Sparrow socks are softer than cotton and up to 3x more absorbent! Leaving your feet fresh, healthy and dry even after an active day in any weather. Make sure you are wearing the Damson Fox this year!

Miss Sparrow bamboo socks are available in a wide range of fun and stylish patterns, colours and sizes. There is something for everyone within this range so shop your favourites today!

Why Bamboo?

Not only is Bamboo a superior quality fibre for these items, it is also significantly more environmentally friendly than its traditional counterpart. Where trees and cotton plants release CO2 back in to the atmosphere when harvested, the Bamboo plant retains this gas within its root system and returns around 35% more fresh oxygen back in to the air.

Not to mention as there is no need to treat bamboo with harmful chemicals and pesticides. Growing and harvesting Bamboo causes minimal impact on the land and ecosystems surrounding it. This is why we are so pleased to share these Damson Fox socks with our customers as part of our Eco friendly range.

Caring for your Damson Fox Socks

Bamboo fibre must be washed in cool to mid temperatures of no warmer than 60 degrees celsius and only with the mildest of detergents. Simply air dry, no need to iron. That will keep your Damson Fox Socks looking great for years!

Damson Fox Socks Product Details

54% Bamboo, 22% Cotton, 16% Polyester, 6% Nylon, 2% Elastane


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