Made to Measure Curtains

Made to Measure Curtains differ from Ready made Curtains. They are fully lined and weighted to ensure they hang beautifully and are tailored to fit your windows.

Curtains are probably the most Traditional window dressing, but with thousands of fabrics to choose from, from very traditional designs through to Contemporary images, we can bring them bang up to date.

We offer a free consultation service where we can come to your home and measure up for bespoke curtains.

All of our made to measure curtains come fully lined and can you can choose from a number of heading types.

If you choose a pole or track through us we can also fit  and hang your curtains free of charge

Curtain Headers

Eyelet curtains have circular rings punched through the heading tape allowing them to feed directly onto a pole. The Eyelet rings are available in a number of colours to complement the fabric chosen.

Pinch Pleat Curtains have an elegant hand sewn triple pinch pleat header. This curtain is designed to hang below the track or pole for maximum effect. Pinch Pleat Curtains are a contemporary twist on a traditional look and can be used to create a dramatic look in any roomThere are other headers which are available on Made to Measure Curtains.

Duo Pinch Pleat which is Similar to the Pinch Pleat with only 2 hand sewn pinches.

Goblet is a very traditional header for curtains, the finish has a barrel of fabric which is sewn at intervals along the header. This gives a very luxurious look

Pencil Pleat is the most common header compromising of many little pleats all gathering together on the top of the curtains.