Mothers Day in Lockdown

One of my favourite days of the year is Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday. When I was young I would buy my Mum some flowers and a card and make her feel special! Now I am older with children of my own they make the day special for me!

Crazy Mum Mothers Day Card

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mothering Sunday is celebrated on different days across the globe, in the UK we celebrate on the fourth Sunday of Lent. During the Middle Ages, on this date, people would visit their Mother Church or go ‘Mothering’.

In later years, Mothering Sunday became a day when domestic servants were given the day off. They would typically visit their Mothers, often bearing gifts such as flowers and Simnel Cake. Today we celebrate by giving our Mums cards and gifts to honour them and thank them for their hard work during the rest of the year.

How about this year in Lockdown?

Love You to the Moon and Back Flock Cushion

This year Mothering Sunday will be a little bit different as many of us may not be able to see our Mums due to lockdown. Luckily We have loads of gift ideas perfect to send in the post. Additionally we can send directly to your Mum with a personal message to help make things a little easier.

Cards to Make Mum Laugh

A card is an integral part of Mothers Day. One of these cards will put a smile on Mums face and let her know you are thinking of her.

Happy Mothers Day Lockdown Card

Happy Mothers Day in Lockdown. This card will certainly resonate with many who have been stuck together this past year! 

Underpaid Mum Card

Underpaid Mum Card. Mums are Underpaid and often feel undervalued, let your mum know how much you think of her with this card!

Gifts for Mum

A Little Gin O'Clock Bracelet

How about a gorgeous bracelet? This Gin O’Clock one from Life Charms is perfect for Mums who like a G&T!

Motherhood. Powered By Love Wooden White Heart Plaque

Or how about a Sentimental Plaque? This Motherhood Powered by Love White Heart one has a lovely meaningful saying, and looks amazing hanging in any setting.

If your Mum is a fan of scented candles then you are in luck. We have a wide range of Yankee candles including the Popular Warm Cashmere with a sumptuous scent of calming sandalwood and exotic patchouli.

Or the Midnight Jasmine one with the  lush perfume of water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli, and mandarin blossom.

The best news is these are part of our scent of the month promotion and so have 25% off right up until Mothers Day!

Whatever you choose to do for your Mum on Mothering Sunday remember, it’s all about making her feel special and thanking her for everything she has done for you!

Have a fantastic Lockdown Mothers Day!