WoodWick Palm Leaf Team Review

I recently brought a Medium Jar Woodwick Candle in the scent ‘Palm Leaf’ from Surrey Home and Gifts.

Woodwick Palm Leaf Sophie Review

First Impressions:

On first impression the candle was displayed within its colour order on the shelf and looked very appealing. The green tone of the candle was bright and inviting.


The packaging is sleek and modern. An hourglass glass jar with a wooden lid engraved with the signature WW logo in gold.

The inside of the lid details how to care for the candle. Suggesting burning times and how to cut down the wick to ensure optimal burn time and to avoid any unwanted black smoke. This extra detail was helpful and thoughtful of the company, saving me time on searching on the internet if something did not seem right.


In terms of the aroma this candle is outstanding.

With fragrant notes of apple, melon coconut and a hint of citrus notes such as lime and lemon. This candle reminds me of summer evenings by the beach. The scent of palm trees outside a holiday resort. Exotic meals out by the sea.

This scent is both beautiful when lit or even with just the lid popped of the top. Woodwick are certainly experts at scents.


Woodwick is known for ‘crackling as it burns’ and they’re not wrong. The candle lit well and the flame travelled along the crosses of the plus wick.

The crackle is loud enough to be comforting – like being in front of a small bonfire. But not too loud to become annoying.

When I had needed to blow the candle out I didn’t have any trouble – one huff and it was gone. Unlike some candles, which you really have to put some effort in to blow out.


Overall I am really impressed with my candle. I will certainly purchase another when this on is out. The jar will also make great decoration when empty.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]